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Dracena Fragrans


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This very popular houseplant often goes by the name Corn Plant, or by its official latin name of Dracaena fragrans (impossible to say without sounding French!), it may also be known as Dracaena massangeana. The genus has several other well known members that we invite happily into our homes, such as Dracaena marginata and Dracaena sanderiana all of which are reasonably content to share our living or office space without a lot of fuss. In return for a little bit of care and attention from time to time, the Corn Plant will show off its shiny good looking leaves and removal various indoor air toxins. If you treat it very well, after many years you should get a bold ascent specimen with multiple crowns and the opportunity for it to produce a small spray of fragrant white flowers. Simply beautiful with minimum effort.

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