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Heartleaf Philodendron


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Note: This Image is for reference purpose only. Actual plant height will be 0.5 to 3ft.& will be coming with cover packing. Pot should be ordered separately.

Botanical Name: Philodendron scandens

Heartleaf philodendron is a popular house plant because it is extremely easy to grow. It's also known as the Sweetheart Plant.

Heart-shaped, glossy leaves emerge bronze, then quickly turn green. The leaves are typically 2-4 in (5-10 cm) long, and cover its long, slender stems that can grow to 4 ft (1.2 m) or more.

Origin: South America
Height: Climbs or trails to 4 ft (1.2 m) or more.
Light: Moderate to bright light, but no direct sun. Will tolerate low light.
Water: Keep soil lightly moist spring through fall. Allow surface to dry out between waterings in winter. Yellow leaves are caused by overwatering.
 Humidity: Tolerant of dry air, but likes humidity. Mist foliage occasionally.
Temperature: Average room temperature 60-75°F/16-24°C
Soil: Peat moss-based potting mix.
Fertilizer: Feed monthly spring through fall with a balanced liquid fertilizer diluted by half.
Propagation: Take stem tip cuttings in spring or early summer. It roots easily in water or moist soil.

It looks best in Hanging pots which creeps down beautifully

Pollutants removed:  Formaldehyde, especially higher concentrations.

Product Description

Type  Climber/ Creeper
Sunlight level Partial Sunlight
Watering Once a day (twice during summer)
Leaf Color Green 
Flower No Flower
Packaging Delivered in Biodegradable packet


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