What is Treekart.com? & Who are we?
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About Us

Hello, and welcome to the gardening website. Of course we sell everything else you'll need for the garden, but plants are our thing. We pride ourselves on being able to offer you the biggest choice of plants in the INDIA. To give you an example, a good garden nursery can give you around 500 plant varieties to choose from. We can offer over 5,000 variety of plants
Note: All 5000 varieties may not be available at the website, please contact us if you couldn't find the plants you required.

If you're worried about all this choice, don't be. We can help narrow it down for you.

And if you are really stuck you can email us, one of our plant doctors will reply to you and they’ll give you a host of golden ideas.

Once you’ve placed your order you’ll get a confirmation email to let you know when to expect delivery. We're obsessed with ensuring your precious plant arrives with you feeling and looking as good as when it left us. Our couriers are the only ones we’ve found that will handle your plants as carefully as we would. We’re also very proud of our packaging. It was specially designed for us. Occasionally something will get damaged and if it does we will replace it, however currently our return rate is under 1%.

Once your order has arrived we’ll keep in touch via e-mail with gentle reminders about pruning, spraying, and fertilizing and providing the TLC that the new addition to your garden needs to thrive.

Who are we?

We are just plant lovers as you, since our launch very recently, we're trying to provide intense variety of plants online to deliver them to your doorstep.

But it's what our customers think that we care about most. If we can make your experience at Treekart.com an enjoyable and productive one, then we've cracked it. We want you to get right into the whole Treekart.com experience and become a regular, which is why we've tried to sort out a site that's not only user-friendly but informative. If you have anything to say about what we've done - whether we've done it well or badly - we really would like to hear from you. Really



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