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Buffalo Grass Seeds

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Buffalo grass is a perennial, warm-season grass species.  It is a sod-forming grass that spreads by stolons (aboveground stems) which root at nodes, forming new plants.  Buffalograss is native to the North American Great Plains, and displays a wide range of adaptability.  An important range and pasture grass for both wild and domesticated animal herds, its use as an alternative lawn grass was proposed as early as the 1930s.  Older range-type varieties form an open, low-density turf when mowed; the newer, turf-type buffalograss varieties can form a dense, attractive turf during its active growing season.

Because of its warm-season physiology, this species becomes dormant with the onset of cold temperatures in the fall and breaks dormancy in mid- to late spring, well after bluegrass and fescue lawns become green.  Buffalograss grows most actively during from late May through early September, becoming brown and dormant with the first hard frost in the fall.  Its long dormant period and reputation as an expensive and difficult-to-establish lawn has made it a less-attractive lawn option for many homeowners.  

However, the development of attractive turf-type cultivars and greater availability of less expensive sod and plugs has generated new interest in this grass for home lawns.  These new varieties are darker green, form a dense, short-growing turf, and are more resistant to weed invasion than previously used varieties.  Those who choose to plant newer buffalograss varieties find that their lawn can remain green and attractive on 50 to 75% less irrigation than Kentucky bluegrass, and that buffalograss requires less frequent mowing, will thrive when fertilized only once or twice yearly, and has good resistance to weed invasion.



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