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Zamioculcas (EMERALD PALM/Zamioculcas Zamiifolia/ZZ Plant)


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The ZZ Plant – Zamioculcas zamiifolia one very popular foliage plant used in homes and offices around the world.

The  shiny leaves of the plants make you fall in love with this plants.

Zamioculcas zamiifolia Perfect Houseplant qualifications

Known by several names – the ZeeZee plant and “eternity plant” the zamioculcas fits just about every qualification needed for a new indoor plant introduction:

  • The ZeeZee plant handles low light
  • Low water requirements
  • Tough under indoor conditions
  • Handles neglect well

ZZ Plants Not New

When many people see the ZeeZee plant for the first time, they assume it looks and resembles the cycad – Zamia furfuracea or cardboard palm. However, the ZZ belongs to the aroid family, along with the philodendron, spathiphyllum and aglaonema and been around for decades. 

The base of the swollen plant stalks host dark green, naturally shiny leaves. Making it easy to assume someone applied leaf shine to the plant.

One area of caution. Beware of any of the “juices” coming in contact with the skin which may cause irritation to sensitive skin due to the calcium oxalate crystals in the ZZ.

Most of the BEST indoor house plants grow slow and the ZZ is no exception. It propagates easily but develops slowly. Just like african violets and jade plants, ZZ’s will grow from leaf cuttings.

Grown in sizes from 4 inch pots through 17 inch pots, large plants can reach up to 3 feet in height. Very old plants I’ve personally seen hit 4 feet. On average most plants grown and used indoors reach 16 – 28 inches, with an equal spread. They make an accent plant in areas where allowed to “spread its wings”.

As for being a tough, durable indoor plant, Zamioculcas handles low light well and abuse exceptionally well, it even grows. In the tough plant category it’s an equal with Sanseveira and Aspidistra.

Plant Care:

ZZ Handles Low Light Levels Well

Even though the plant does well in lower light levels, by placing it in brighter light it performs even better.

Keep the plant away from any hot direct afternoon sun as the plant can burn. Good bright filtered afternoon sun would work well.

Product Description

Type  Non - Flowering
Sunlight level Partial/ Semi Shade Sunlight (No Direct Sunlight)
Watering Once a day sparsley(twice during summer)
Leaf Color Shiny Green
Flower No Flowers
Packaging Delivered in Biodegradable packet


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